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A Late Monday Reminder: The USS Caryl’s current Challenge is well underway! How are your submissions coming?

We have two submissions thus far, a good start indeed!


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Five reasons why you love Caryl - go! :D

ASKED BY Anonymous.


1. It’s a totally fresh story.

No romance novel tropes, no cutsie tired cliches we’ve all watched ten bajillion times. Just two gorgeously well-characterized adult humans — battered, broken, beaten, and worn down in so many ways but somehow still looking up every now and then —  drawing slowly toward one another like the world’s most perfect yet frustrating magnets.

2. They make each other sparkle.

Yeah, you can laugh. I don’t care. Just watch their eyes when they’re in the same room together. Lit up like freakin’ fireworks, and always — always — on each other. Plus you know you die a little inside every time the edge of one of their mouths tips up, even when they’re fighting it.

3. They’re both 100% about what they can offer the other person and 0% about what they need for themselves. (Imho, this is one of the reasons Daryl won’t jump — he doesn’t feel as if he has enough to give.)

When it comes to their relationship, Carol and Daryl are so damn selfless. I’m keeping this short, so I’m not gonna go into a million examples to illustrate this fact. But it’s there in the way Carol’s willing to let Daryl go when he leaves with Merle, because she thinks it’s what he wants. It’s there in the fact that the first name on Daryl’s lips when he comes back from the meds run is “Carol.” It’s there in every small, subtle, perfect way they watch out for, consider, and protect each other, just like breathing.

4. No one else understands and accepts either one of them a tenth as much as they accept and understand each other.

This is why so many of their conversations barely need words. I don’t often compare ships to Mulder and Scully, but in the eye communication department, Carol and Daryl would absolutely be contenders if they had that kind of screen time together. They communicate effortlessly because the shared understanding that comes both from deep human empathy and from common experience has always been there.

5. The chemistry between Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus is the reason the polar ice caps are melting.

You thought it was global warming? Climate change? Aw, that’s so cute and naive. Okay okay, KIDDING, but seriously. The show is honestly legit insane if they don’t take the opportunity to let these two do their thing, strike that match and throw it on the fuel that’s just sitting there, waiting to catch fire.

Like, just think about Daryl putting his hands on Carol’s face, pulling her slowly closer, glancing back and forth between her tear-filled eyes and her trembling lips, then finally making contact, and she makes a little noise I have no hope of describing in words and he does this sort of breathy exhaling thing I also have no hope of describing in words … and then they’re kissing. Slowly, deeply, her hands sliding up over his shoulders and around his neck, his hands slipping down her back to her waist to pull her closer …

Yeah, I’ll give you a minute.

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Friend: Join OkCupid with me, it’ll be fun!

Me: Okay, I guess I wouldn’t mind having a pastime that isn’t related to TWD.

Me: *gets into highly intense debates about Daryl’s character development and Carol’s ethical motivations with a variety of nerdy singles in my area*

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{Headcanon} He flinched when she kissed him. She saw the scars, felt his reaction, and knew their past were similar. After leaving she pressed against the wall, pondering why she’d kissed him. There was gratitude for searching for Sophia and the need to show him he was good. And somewhere, deep inside, were the growing feelings she felt for the shy hunter. She shook her head, berating herself. The last thing he’d want was someone like her; it would be best she never revisited those feelings again.

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They Just "Get Each Other"...



You don’t have to be a McReedus or a CARYL shipper to appreciate the mesmerizing chemistry and naturally genuine dynamic between Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus share both on and off TWD screen.

It’s quite rare to have two people reach “couple-like” status without any actual…

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"If You See Him / If You See Her" Caryl S4


Not a huge fan of country music, but this is a really good season 4 caryl video. So many feels.

^ My reaction every time I see someone link to one of my fanvids.

So glad you enjoyed it in spite of the musical genre!

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2x05: Chupacabra

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USS Caryl


Has anyone else in the UK noticed that we can never get the trailers from YouTube to open over here…it’s going to be a long wait until Season 5 comes around, luckily Season 4’s just started playing again on Freeview so at least we can still get our Caryl fix there.

I wish I was more familiar with what causes this issue. -_- It bugs me to no end that we can’t hook you guys up with functional videos in a timely fashion.

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