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How do you think Daryl and Carol's interactions/dynamic would be altered if Sophia was still around (whether rescued or never lost in the beginning of S2)?

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I’ve given a lot of thought to this. I think it’s quite possible things could have ended up similarly. Carol may have had Sophia as an incentive to become stronger so that she could protect her, and Daryl would have forever endeared himself in her heart as the big hero. But at the same time, maybe it would have been entirely different. It’s so hard to say.

Like the whole butterfly effect type thing. The smallest thing could change the course of the future, and that’s a BIG thing. So, I don’t know. I’m sorry that’s a shitty answer to your question.

~ QM Haley

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Hey everyone! Haley here!

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Do you think that the fact Daryl has progressed into accepting some kind of affection or touching from Beth, who is little unlikely for him to open up to and vice versa, but I can see why the writers chose her to be stuck with him and I like their new sibling bond; may be a sign or an indication that the Caryl reunion will blow our minds for sure? Now I'm expecting the hug to happen for sure. Daryl responds to Beth's hand holding. So he should jump hug love our Queen the moment he sees her.

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I’d say at the very least, we’re getting that hug.

~ QM Haley

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Well, you know, when Mulder and Scully happened wasn't epic, in fact was weird and confused. I think I was hoping for that couple to be a romantic one, but after the end I knew that I didn't want them becoming canon, they were awesome before that.

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I think with every ship, this is always a risk we face. I know a lot of ships that weren’t half as good once it was “consummated,” if you will. (Booth and Bones being the first that came to mind.) However, I think we have two really fabulous actors willing to fight for their characters. Many times Norman has had a big influence over scenes, most recently that hug with Beth last episode. Melissa has also been known to fight just as hard for Carol. I like to think they’ll make sure it’s done right.

~ QM Haley

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You can’t fool teenagers. Money is useless in a zombie apocalypse. Daryl wants to give jewelry to Carol or he wants a purse really badly. 

Hey! Where do you edit all of your picture at? Carol-to-Carol fan? ;)

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Me, personally? I use the free editing software called GIMP. It does *almost* everything that photoshop does, and I find it’s really easy to use.

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Can anyone find me the picture of carol sitting in the car, where next to her, the dust on the window says "pardon"? I want to start working on a new painting and go off that picture. Please please, fellow carylers! I've tried looking & can't find it

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Signal boost! Let’s help this shipmate out!

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"You’re gonna die out here, Baby Brother. And for what?"

"A girl. They lost a little girl."

let’s all take a minute to appreciate that Daryl was willing to do anything to get Sophia back. Including, apparently, literally die.

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Carol: Stay safe
Daryl: Nine lives, remember?

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