USS Caryl

Carol liking Daryl first.

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ok new head canon

I want Carol to gently caress Daryl’s scars…………..

This ship is going to be the end of me

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Always by nuttymcnut

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So when Carol kisses Daryl’s temple and then says “I need to tell you something.” Instead of saying “You did more for my little girl today then her own daddy ever did in his whole life.”

This is what she should have said:

"I need to tell you something, I love you, you adorable, socially awkward little shit." 

This makes no sense but it’s midnight and my Caryl feels are everywhere help me 

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Just so you know, I liked you first.

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Did carol really kill karen and david was rick right to banish her?

The one thing that has always seemed strange to me about carol admitting she killed karen and david was just how calm she answered rick when he questioned her,I know that she has become stronger and more able to look out for herself and the group but murdering two people is a big deal and not something you just admit to with a simple yeah then walk away.

If you notice in the scene where tyresse has found their charred remains carol looks just as shocked as does rick and daryl at what has happened,and the handprint is very low down almost child height and I also still can’t understand how rick took that bit of evidence and thought it could be carol rather then try and do some more digging for clues that was a bit weird in my opinion.

Did she kill them or is she covering for somebody who is the real culprit I guess we’ll find out at some point because I think when daryl finally sees carol again he will ask her if she really killed them.

I think rick sometimes forgets the things he has done in order to survive he left merle handcuffed ontop of the building in season 1 he killed those men in that bar in season 2 he then killed shane he kept the fact they are all infected from them,in season 3 he  killed one of the men they found hiding in the prison all to keep the group safe   carl has also shot people without been walkers along with things that other people have done,and then tries reasoning with the govener after everything he did torture glen and maggie killed some of their group in the the first attack on the prison killed andera and milton now he was somebody you didn’t want around.

Anybody got any thoughts caryl on!!!

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What I would like to see happen with caryl in the next half of the season!!!

I would like Carol to make a re appreance early on in the next half and it would be nice if daryl was to find her while he is on the road,it would be great if we saw them hugging and smiling and just generally been cute but after this amount of time of them having the chance to show what they mean to one another it would be a suprise if they even talked about how they have missed each other.

In my opinion there hasn’t been no way near enough caryl scenes this season so far could that mean were going to get plenty in the next half,the writters have this annoying habit of separating caryl and making us think right this time will be when we see the emotional reunion for nothing to happen,there has to be a point to all of this but sometimes it just confuses me it’s like they constantly avoid taking the next step with them my question is why?

There has been so many meaningful scenes between them that it would have you believe this ship is going somewhere but at a very slow pace,we don’t want them declaring their love for each other after something bad happens that would be a waste of time in my opinion. 

What I’m saying is we need more caryl and for them to open up let’s take that next step show each other what they mean to them,daryl needs to find carol before the end of the season more importantly caryl needs to happen before we all lose hope of seeing our ship happy and together caryl on!!!


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anonymous asked: caryl needs to happen!!

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Is it too much to hope for a Caryl kiss during the reunion?


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