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I want Daryl to cry after he and Carol make love for the first time and Carol holding him while he sobs himself to sleep waking up in the morning basking in the afterglow of their consummation. Daryl lying on top holding Carol underneath him while she’s caressing his head and then ready for another round of intense pure lovemaking this time Daryl is making the move.

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Caryl-screenshot-a-day-  Day 186

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Share your S2-S3 timeskip headcanons!


The timeskip between S2 and S3 fascinates me more than the timeskip between S3 and S4. From the ragged and at odds place where we left them in “Beside the Dying Fire” to the cohesive and familial unit that we saw in action in the opening of “Seed,” there are so many moments of growth that we…

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Caryl will happen ‘because’ hashtag

I am such a Tumblr novice that I’m not sure the best way to suggest this idea. Considering how much negativity it being dragged into the discussion, I thought it might be fun to create a hashtag called ‘Carylwillhappenbecause’ so that people could list a reason why they think Caryl will happen. 

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Caryl Chinchilla set

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Thank you, everyone!

You’ve been a lovely audience, and it’s been super fun flexing my writing muscles with your prompts. Now, I am off to bed! G’night, all!

~ QM Haley

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Pretend Daryl left to find Carol after Rick tells him he banished her. What would the conversation between Daryl and Carol be if he found her?

ASKED BY emoloveemo.

She hadn’t spoken to him since that initial moment on the tracks, but he wasn’t surprised to feel the prickling at the back of his neck as he sat on watch, telling him she hovered close by. He waited, silent. They were past insignificant formalities now.

"Why’d you do it?" she asked finally.

He huffed, shook his head. For a woman so smart, she asked a damned stupid question. "I wasn’t about to leave ya out there."

"But Rick," she protested. "Surely he told you…."

"Yeah, he told me alright," he snapped, having a sudden urge to hit something at the thought of their former leader. "Told me he left you out here to rot."

She came closer then, cutting around in front of him so close that he could see nothing but her. “Daryl I mur- -”

"Look," he cut her off. "I’ll tell you the same damn thing I told him."

A moment of silence passed. She inched forward, as if he’d tell her if she only got close enough.

"No you, no me."



I’ve been listening to my Disney CDs again, and it’s gotten to the point that every time I hear “Kiss the Girl” my mind conjures images of Daryl and Carol having an Eric and Ariel Moment, with Glenn as Sebastian trying to coax them into kissing…also starring Maggie, Hershel, Beth, Michonne, Sasha, Tyreese, and Carl as back up singers…with special guest Rick as Scuttle.

So…I’m guessing that makes Gimple and Kirkman the eels Flotsam and Jetsam then.

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[Fanfic prompt] Carol finds a personal item of Merle's still in the prison and gives it to Daryl privately, once most people have gone to sleep.

ASKED BY cherokee-rose-maiden.

She’d found it while she was cleaning, tucked tight between the bunk and the stone wall of the cell. She knew it wasn’t Daryl’s. He’d never have brought it this far, but that didn’t stop the shock from running through her when she’d opened it. She’d put her hand to her chest, sank down onto the bunk as she gazed at the face smirking back at her.

A quick round of math told her he’d been fifty-three at the end. He had resided at 1506 Walnut Street. She nearly keeled over upon realizing he was an organ donor.

All day, she worked with it tucked into her back pocket, waiting for the right moment. When he dragged himself in from the fence that night, plopped down onto the edge of the bed to rid himself of his boots, she’d gently thrust it at him.

Realization dawned on his face as the worn leather slipped from her fingers to his. He opened it up, stared hard at the slip of plastic inside for a long moment, before tucking it into his own back pocket without a word.